Thankful for This Wonder Woman

I'm super excited that Wonder Women of Science is now available for purchase! And I'm super thankful to have co-authored it with this amazing lady.

Meet Tiera Fletcher. Without her, this book wouldn't exist. There's a reason I majored in English, y'all--science and math have never really been my bag. But when I edited a magazine article with Tiera a few years ago, we clicked so well that we decided to write a book together. We interviewed a dozen women (besides Tiera) who are making their marks right now in STEM fields, and we wrote about how they got to where they are today. One of my main jobs was to translate some pretty difficult science into terms that a 9-12-year-old kid could understand (basically, my own scientific literacy level!). Tiera and I went through a lot of drafts together because she frequently had to explain things to me, but she always did it with patience and grace. If I'd had science and math teachers like this when I was in school, maybe I would've been a STEM fan years ago.

Tiera is a woman I admire not just because she is a STEM genius (did I mention she's working on the Mars mission with NASA?) but because she is kind and generous and a person of deep faith. I don't know if I could write a book with just anybody, but Tiera made it so pleasant and fun, I hope we can do another one...or twenty!

I hope you'll be seeing Tiera in some interviews soon as she promotes the book. I'm sure you'll be just as big a fan of hers as I am. Thank you, Tiera, for making this book happen! 

 Ginger Rue's next book, Wonder Women of Science, is now available for pre-order. Co-authored with rocket scientist Tiera Fletcher, who is currently working with NASA on the Mars mission, the book profiles a dozen amazing women (besides Tiera!) who are blazing new trails in their respective STEM fields. 


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