Gratitude, Gratitude... and a D-39 Book Trailer!

It's what gets me through the tough times. In DICTIONARY FOR A BETTER WORLD: Poems, Quotes and Anecdotes from A to Z, written by myself and Charles Waters, illustrations by Mehrdokht Amini, on the “gratitude” entry, we suggest, readers make a gratitude list.

My gratitude list today:

daffodils in the ditch


the fact that virtual visits allow me to connect with readers, but don't require (stressful) travel


I'm also grateful to have my new novel coming in May! It's a middle grade dystopian verse novel called D-39: A ROBODOG'S JOURNEY.

 All that not-traveling time allowed me to play around with imovie and create—from all FREE video/photo/sound sources on the web!—a book trailer for my new book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 💗


Irene Latham is a grateful creator of many novels, poetry collections, and picture books, including the coauthored Can I Touch Your Hair?: Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship, which earned a Charlotte Huck Honor, and The Cat Man of Aleppo, which won a Caldecott Honor. Irene lives on a lake in rural Alabama.


  1. What an awesome trailer. This book sounds like a wonder as are all your books of poetry. Congratulations Irene. Yes, There is much to be grateful for.

  2. Hooray for learning in the pandemic. I saw a tweet yesterday that made me smile...something along the lines of "look at this as a gap year, not a lost year. We've all learned new skills in our gap year that we will use when we go back to in the building learning."


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