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What Comes Next?

 I really enjoyed Holly’s recent newsletter, “ I Really Need to Get Going .”   It can be overwhelming, when listing all the things one needs to do. “[But] there will always be another group of really needs after these are done,” Holly offers. And, she adds, “[However] today, the best thing to do was lie beneath the sweetgum tree on a sweet June day and watch the clouds above turn summersaults.” I’m looking ahead, planning out what I need to do for this next phase of life.  Getting through all the paperwork feels oddly familiar, like grading papers. Then I realized … I’ve been teaching forty years. FORTY years. FORTY *** YEARS! I've taught at high school, community college, university and graduate schools.  I’ve taught English as a Second Language, British Lit, Children's Lit, Writing Tech Reports, Critical Theory, and Harry Potter (yes, Harry Potter and the hero’s journey!).  I've taught Critical Research, Graduate Research Strategies, Graduate Reading Strategies.

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