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For Writers: How to Rebound from Rejection

Irene Latham , still writing, in spite of it all  While the author-journey sometimes yields Mt. Everest-type vistas, it's also pocked with valleys of despair, swamps of hopelessness and desolation. I've experienced many a day when I've wanted to unlace my hiking boots and call in the rescue team. When I've wanted to quit, when I HAVE quit. But here's the thing: There is only one way to fail as a writer, and that is to stop writing. I'm here to tell you: DON'T STOP. Or rather, stop, but only for a little while.  Consider this your short tutorial on how to rebound from rejection from a writer who has been walking the path—and going off the trail— for quite a while now. I've had some marvelous successes! And SO. MANY. HEARTBREAKS. Here's how to rebound from rejection: Sit with it . I get really irritated when I've just gotten a rejection, and someone oh so cheerily tells me it's no big deal, just part of it, blah blah blah.  It IS a big deal. Ti

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