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I Got a New Attitude

 Your use of language is incorrect, I know better. You need to read these books (X, Y, & Z) for proper context. Why do you think you have the right to write this story? Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: / Pushback. Negative attitude.  Writers and authors all get this. Sometimes it comes from well-meaning colleagues, industry professionals, or even family. Sometimes it comes in the guise of 'friendly advice'.  That doesn't make it correct or wanted. The above three criticisms came from an editor's critique I paid for at a conference. Criticism is hard, but a good author will learn to set the emotional aspects of the criticisms aside and examine them for feasibility. We learn that not all criticism is valid because everyone has their own prejudices, backgrounds, and beliefs. In the above case, I took a month to reflect and review (after the initial shock of the hostility), I came to the conclusi

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