Friday, March 19, 2021

On Gratitude

It’s been a year-plus since we’ve been locked down, cautious and exhausted. It is more now than ever that we need find gratitude in everyday life. We’ve been isolated from our families, friends, holidays, normal outings simple as a latte run or a grocery store pick up. 

Life isn’t one whole, continuous block of time. It is, instead, a compilation of many tiny moments. The ones with magic as simple as spotting a bird’s nest, a cuddle with the cat, a stranger’s smile, opening a new book, a walk at dusk as snow falls. It’s video chatting with a best friend, it’s in finding the words you want to write. No matter how big or how small, we should be able to give thanks in any situation - no matter how large or small it is. 

The magic of life is in those moments. Share them with our family and friends who struggling and need a little light. Give the gift of a smile or a cute card with a cat on it. These are the tiny things that make up entire lives and those that which tether us to our own lives, as well as tether us to the ones we love. 

There will always be trials and tribulations and pure exhaustion from living through a traumatic event, pandemic, or major life change. It’s looking over the fear of all these new and potentially scary events yet to come. And finding the key, the cupcake, a fallen leaf on the porch that our bright lives remain. 

We just have to keep looking. And saying thank you. 


Happy reading!

AM Bostwick 

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