Ten Things I'm Grateful for Right Now


Ten Things I’m Grateful for Right Now


Sometimes over the past year it’s been difficult to feel grateful. The world seems overwhelming. Terrifying. Merciless. Half a million people  dying from Covid in this country alone. Political turmoil culminating in an armed insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, a building where I spent many years working, first as an intern and then as a journalist. A narcissistic (now-ex) president fanning the flames of hatred.


But of course there are things that offer comfort. Security blankets I can wrap around myself when I’m worried about family health issues, or work-related problems, or the vast problems facing our world.


So here’s a countdown…


10. Journalism. Over the past few years, and especially during the pandemic, journalists in this country have investigated, explored, and produced numerous eye-opening stories—while being attacked as “enemies of the people.”


9. New administration. A huge sigh of relief.


8. Vaccinations. Some people I know have already received them, and while I’m aware that my turn won’t come for a while, I’m feeling more hopeful.


7. The medical profession. I am so grateful to everyone in this field, for so many reasons.


6. My book blog. Turning to more self-oriented things, my blog has kept me going professionally over the past year, as I’ve found it difficult to focus on my writing. Interviewing other authors about their books has been an inspiration.


5. Baby Yoda. A great quarantine companion!



4. My fictional characters. Even though it’s been hard to write, I still think about them a lot and hope they make their way onto the page soon!


3. Book groups. I’m in three book groups right now, and the companionship and discussions have been vital over the past year.


2. Friends and neighbors. Having wonderful friends and neighbors is an amazing thing.

1.   Family. What can I say? You’re the best. Thank you all! 

--Deborah Kalb


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