A World of Gratitude by Darlene Beck Jacobson


I try to begin each day with a walk before breakfast. A chance for a quiet start, a conversation with God, and a moment to acknowledge the things I am grateful for.

Today the things I am grateful for come with photos.

Persistence and determination: No matter how difficult something might be, you will get there.

There is peace and beauty everywhere. Look up instead of straight ahead.

A sense of wonder. Be patient and something new and fresh will reveal itself.

A place to rest. To observe. To listen. To feel the blue and taste the air. 

A world with so many things to inspire, and so much to be grateful for.


  1. I so agree - early morning walks fill me up: my creativity, my energy, my gratitude and appreciation. Very nicely written Darlene ❤️

  2. Look up instead of straight ahead. Love that.


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