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Wonder Women of Science, by Tiera Fletcher and Ginger Rue, releases March 23rd! In a starred review, Kirkus calls the nonfiction title, which profiles twelve modern-day female STEM geniuses, "A fine choice for inspiring future scientists." Booklist also gives it a starred review, adding, "In this unusually appealing guide to STEM career pathways, students will find inspiration, motivation, and useful information in equal measure." And School Library Journal says, "This collection can spark readers to follow their passion. Great for those looking to expand their STEM biographies and collected biography sections." 

This Poem is a Nest by Irene Latham received a 3rd starred review! ★ ★ ★

This one from Booklist says the "nestlings" "offer much to ponder: beauty, as in “Violet” (“morning’s / glittery web / coated in / woodsmoke); whimsy, captured in “While You Sleep” (“moon / stocks poems / with dreams”); and even wisdom, like that in “A Definition of Maybe” (“hinge between / wild / and safe”). Above all, they encourage metaphorical thinking in young readers."

The review ends with this line: "This clever poetry exercise will inspire reflection, recreation, or simple enjoyment."


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