August Theme: Let's Make a Deal (With Yourself)

by Stephanie Blake

How do I deal with the ups and downs of a writing life? Well, that's easy. With chocolate.

No motivation to write?
An M&M for each sentence. The new pretzel ones are pretty darn good. Finish off a bag, and you'll have quite a few words on paper.

Typing The End?
A chocolate martini. Or two. But, never three.

Stinging rejection?
This calls for a whole slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake. With whipped cream. Feel free to lick the plate afterwards.

Revision blues?
A entire bag of chocolate Twizzlers can get you through that long editorial letter.
What about the waiting, the eternal waiting?
Bake a batch of brownies. From scratch. By hand.

Book deal?
This calls for a chocolate facial. The ultimate celebration!

"I owe it all to the little chocolate donuts." --John Belushi


  1. Mmmm, this post makes me want to start whipping up some homemade chocolate treats right now! I've never had chocolate swizzlers. I definitely have to try those!

  2. this actually makes a startling amount of sense.

    -- Tom

  3. We are simpatico, Stephanie! "Little chocolate donuts are on my training table every day!"

  4. Stephanie! You have no idea how good this looks...I'm currently helping my brother get down to fighting weight by dieting and exercising with him. Man, I miss donuts...

  5. I've never understood the cliché of the hard-drinking writer. Now, the hard-chocolate-eating writer--*that* one I can relate to.

  6. Chocolate Twizzlers! I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me...

  7. This post has me thinking about the bags of M&Ms I have stashed in the freezer. They are supposed to be for baking cookies, but as a reward for writing sentences, let me think about it. No, I'll have to pass on the temptation. Now offer me black licorice and I'll definitely give in!


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