July Theme: A Truly "Butiful" Moment (Lisa Graff)

For this month's theme (our biggest "YES!" moments), I thought I'd focus on my very first "Yes": the moment when it occurred to me, for the first time, that I might actually be sort-of-okay at telling stories.

I was eight years old, and I'd written lots of stories and poems for school. But one day, at home, I wrote one just for fun. It was called "The Strangest Flower," and it was, very clearly, a rip-off of "The Ugly Duckling." But it was really fun to write. I still have it, actually. And (drumroll, please!) I'd like to share it with you now.*

The Strangest Flower
By Lisa Graff

Once there was a flower in the garden that was a stranger to all the others. They had never seen a flower like this. This flower never got picked. This flower had strange things all over it. This flower was strange.**

The other flowers teesed the strange flower. And the flower sat there for it had no sisters or brothers to like it.

The flower just sat there feeling strange and lonley when it grew!

And grew, and grew, and grew!

Pretty soon it was a butiful flower. So butiful that the other flowers liked it. They liked it so much that they had a new friend. They liked it alot, but...

they never hugged it!


*All of the horrendous spelling is original.
**In case it isn't totally obvious from my Caldecott-worthy illustration, the flower is a rose.


  1. Love it. Wish I'd known when I was eight that I wanted to write. I was forty.

  2. Adorable! And what a priceless glimpse into wee you. Thanks for sharing.


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