July Theme: The Masked Yes! (Jennifer Cervantes)

There are many Yes AND No moments on the road to publication, that’s for sure. And while the No moments can be challenging, they are an important part of the process as each one gets us closer to the Yes. My Yes moment, though, wore a small mask and it took me a moment to recognize it.
I was in the guidance counselor’s office with my oldest daughter waiting on her fall schedule when the email from my agent came through on my phone. I only saw “Congratulations!” My hands were shaking so hard, I couldn’t scroll down to see that the email was a forward with the editor’s comments.

Me: “Do you think that means it sold?”

Daughter: “Why else would she congratulate you?”

That’s when my mind began spinning and I compiled a whole list of reasons my agent might congratulate me. None of which were based in reality!
I think I might have cried at that point. It’s all a bit of a blur. But one thing I do remember clearly was a feeling of deep gratitude to know a story I had worked so hard on would be brought to life.


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