I'm Jody Feldman, and This Is My 'Yes' Moment

Here’s the way my agent tells it ...

When she called to tell me we had an offer on my first kids' book The Gollywhopper Games, I nearly swerved off the highway in the driving rain.

Yes, I was on the highway. Yes, there was driving rain. But the experience was so surreal I don’t remember nearly having an accident, nor do I remember telling her about said (non)fictional almost-accident. I also don’t remember how I got to the parking lot of my haircutting guy.

I do remember sitting in the car with him looking out the shop window waiting for me while I tried calling my nearest and dearest. I do remember none of them were waiting by their phones for my call. So I also remember getting my hair washed, cut, and dried with this goofy look on my face because there was no way haircutter Mike was going to be the first to know I had finally realized a dream 20 years in the making.


  1. I love this story, Jody! Little did Mike know he was part of such a life-changing moment. :)


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