Where We Work: The Home Offices of Goddess Girls Authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Joan lives in North Carolina. This is Joan's desk. There's lots of wildlife outside her office and lots of snacks inside.

Suzanne lives in Washington State. This is Suzanne's desk. Her office is small and cozy, but has no view. She tries (sometimes unsuccessfully) to keep all snacks down the hall in the kitchen.      
Joan's husband built this special shelf just outside the door to her office to showcase most of her books.
Suzanne keeps lots of knick-knacks in her office. Besides travel souvenirs, she has a turtle collection. The turtles remind her that slow and steady is a good way to approach writing and life!


  1. Oh my...so nice! The view, the turtles and I _love_ love Washington--been there for a few Western Washington Conferences. Thanks for sharing. I've got the whole series on it's way to me for my library and the book club kids (they get dibs...one of the perks for being in the club, lol.) Anyhow...hope they make it here before a possible canadian postal strike!

  2. Thanks, for dropping by Smack Dab, Deb! Western Washington (I live near Seattle) is gorgeous, especially when the weather is good. It's been a cold, wet, gray spring, but my fingers are crossed for better weather soon. Glad to hear the kids at your library are enjoying Goddess Girls. Joan and I are excited that Book 6: Aphrodite the Diva will be out in August!


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