June Theme: My Favorite Writing Space (Lucy Jones)

Hey everyone, I’m new to Smack Dab in The Middle and am so excited to be part of such an amazing group of authors! For my first ever post I will be carrying on the June theme of where I like to write.

Here’s my bedroom, where 90% of all my writing takes place. I am almost positive that Tracy Emin modelled her most famous art piece, 'Messy bed' on this!

And trust me, this is it on a tidy day! I know it's a little chaotic, but I've heard that it's usually the creative minds that are the messiest. Well, that's my excuse anyway...

I also keep a cork board on my wall. This is where I pin all my writing achievements; like the letter my agent sent me when I first signed with her. For a short period of time I even had my entire book contract pinned to the wall! I find it inspiring to look at when I’m feeling like my writing isn’t going so well, or I’m having one of those “I’m a terrible writer” days.
When I sit down to write, there are a couple of things that are 'a must have' in order to get the creative juices flowing.

1. My comfort Zone

I have to be comfortable. Usually, I pull on some baggy jogging bottoms, lay on my bed with my back supported by about a zillion cushions, and have my laptop balanced on my knees. Sometimes in the winter I even crawl under the duvet for extra warmth!


I usually have a box of ‘treats’ tucked under my bed which I keep in full supply. This consists of mini packets of Haribo, drumstick lollies and Cadbury’s buttons. I always feel these come in handy for taking the stress out of deadlines. I can reward myself with a little something, say, every 1000 words.

3. My dog

Boo, my Yorkshire terrier is my writing buddy. (You can see her in the picture above.) Sometimes I wish the workload was a little more balanced but she definitely stops me from getting lonely.

4. Peace and quiet

I can’t listen to music or have any sort of background noise while I’m writing. Most of the time I’ll even turn my phone on silent because the slightest distraction can completely throw me off track. Talking of distractions, the internet seems to be one of my biggest vices. I’m usually pretty good at not getting tempted to go on facebook or ebay, but occasionally this can prove impossible (usually when I’m working through a tough plot hole and I’ll find any excuse not to write!). During these times, I’ll go upstairs to the office. The computer up there isn’t connected to the internet, so I find it a lot easier to concentrate.

And here it is (slightly neater than the bedroom). I bought this big comfy chair off ebay recently and it's so nice to sit in that sometimes its hard not to drift off to sleep.

Well there you have it! I think If I ever win the lottery or become a super dooper wealthy author (yeah... sure!)I'd love a really big conservatory to write in, overlooking a beautiful lake and towering hills. Until then, I'll keep dreaming. So, do you need certain necessities in order to write, or are you one of the lucky ones who can pen a novel just about anywhere?


  1. I love how you've managed to combine light and airy with cozy!

  2. That "Messy Bed" poster cracks me up...And I'm in love with that office. Looks like you get a ton of light in there...Great space!

  3. Thank you! My office is in the roof, right next to a big velux window so I'm lucky it let's in a lot of light :-)

  4. Welcome aboard, Lucy! :) Great writing space.


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