June Theme: Creative Spaces (Christine Brodien-Jones)

My creative space is an alcove of our living room, near windows with views of the sea. I work at a large Shaker desk littered with carved wooden owls (my muses), surrounded by photos, framed prints and drawings, and shelves of children's books. There's a cupboard door covered with notes to myself and a map of the desert. Gazing out over the salt marshes and boats, I can see sky and waves and shifting colors. It's easy to imagine distant places and other worlds.

A quiet place, a comfortable chair and a computer, plus long stretches of time (and access to a refrigerator!): that's the ideal creative space for me. Up until a few years ago, however, I've written on rickety tables, in cramped corners, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, trying to fit the writing around a full-time job. Only now do I have the luxury of my own space and time.

When I'm in
Argentina or Maine, where I go often, I take my light and compact netbook. (Here it is, on the left, in my apartment in Buenos Aires.) Sometimes when traveling I'll write by hand. With my liquid gel ink pen, I go into organizational mode: outlining, world-building, making timelines and/or sketching maps and characters for my next book.

Favorite time to write: early morning
Favorite snack: popcorn and iced tea
Favorite chair: Aeron ergonomic chair from Herman Miller
Favorite desk: my Shaker desk from Maple Corner Woodworks in Vermont