June Theme: Too loud!

By Stephanie Blake

When it comes to writing environments, I'm a bit like a Baby Bear.
  • I can't write at Panera because it's too loud. (The hustle and bustle is not relaxing.)
  • I can't write at Starbucks because it's too cold. (Mine always has the air conditioning up full blast.)
  • I can't write at the pool because it's too wet. (And too bright.)
  • I can't write with music or TV on in the background.
  • I can't write at the park because of the wind.
  • I can't write if my time is limited. (Yes, I know a page a day is better than nothing.)
The best place for me to create is in a quiet space with my laptop, a package of Red Vines, some M&M's, a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips, a tall drink or water, and a pencil and notebook at my side.

I usually work at my kitchen table or in a cozy spot at my local library.

I also do a lot of pre-writing, plotting, and revising while I'm sleeping. :)


  1. When people say, "Oooo, I have 15 minutes. I'm gonna write," I think, "I can't organize any coherent thought in 15 minutes." Glad I'm not the only one. And I write in the sort-of quiet of my home because then I feel at home.

  2. Ooh, with you on the working-while-sleeping! Also, wishing you a just-right writing spot.

  3. This is so cute...Wishing you a day with a "just-right" writing space!


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