(June) Where I Write - Alan Gratz

My office. I've had some variation of this for the past eight years, depending on which house we've lived in. We built this house, so I was able to design a space specifically for writing. (You can see, kind of, that the window trim still isn't done. Let's say we are building this house. Still.) I try to keep all that desk space cleared off, but it's a losing battle.

I added the second screen when a desktop computer died and we replaced it with a laptop. I thought it was an extravagance, but I've ended up using it a LOT. When writing, I often put my outline on the separate screen, and write the book on my laptop. Very handy.

Finally, a place for all my writing books--both research and how-tos! And a special place of honor for my own books, of course. :-)

My favorite thing about my office is the big bulletin board I made out of insulation board from a home improvement store. My wife covered it in IKEA fabric, and now I have a big, beautiful board on which to plot out stories. That one's the new Star Trek young adult novel I'm writing right now.


  1. LOVE that bulletin board! And I can completely relate to the window situation--I'm on year...three? I think? of home renovations...

  2. Love the plotting board! What a great idea.

  3. You need to make a whole post just on that plotting board! I'm intrigued.

  4. I'll do a separate post all about my writing board sometime soon, Tracy!


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