I want to thank all our incredible followers—and the Smack Dab authors—for an amazing first few months here at Smack Dab in the Middle! I’ve absolutely loved reading both the posts and the comments, and getting a chance to know some of my favorite MG authors all the better…

I’m also thrilled to announce a few changes here at Smack Dab!

New & Improved:

First, those of you who have been here before will see that we’ve got a few new pages at the top of the blog…That’s because we’re going to implement some new features: Writing Tips, Publishing / Industry News, and Guest Posts / Interviews. Initially, all these posts will be seen in the main stream of the blog; they’ll later be cut and pasted into their appropriate pages so that visitors will always be able to find that content easily.

You’ll also notice a new “Contact Us” page at the top of the blog. Those of you with questions or suggestions on writing, drafting, etc. are welcome to shoot us an email…We’d be happy to put up one (or a few) writing tip posts based on your questions or prompts. Any other MG authors who would like to do a guest post can also absolutely get in touch! We’d be happy to feature you here at Smack Dab.

Also, we’ll be hosting giveaways…of our own recent releases or of books we’ve loved and would like to pass on. We’ll also be giving away some swag courtesy of our guest posters and interviewees. Any current giveaways will be listed on the sidebar.

Head on over to the "Contact Us" page and shoot us an email! Looking forward to hearing from you...


  1. Wow...thank you for become such an amazing resource. All of you are a wealth of knowledge and I so appreciate that you are sharing it. Looking forward to continuing to rad your books and learn from your blog.


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