June Theme:Living (and Writing) Spaces (Jennifer Cervantes)

I love this month’s topic and the idea of peeking into authors’ caves. To get a snapshot of their creative process and the habitats where they create life on the page. It tells me something about that writer: where he or she finds motivation, focus, inspiration. For me, there is no one defined space, but rather places where I live and share the days and moments with friends and family. Which cave I choose depends on my mood, the weather, and the scene I am up against (my characters can be real terrors sometimes). I love being outdoors where I feel connected to something bigger than myself. My favorite outdoor writing space is on the back portal. I love this space early in the morning, and at sunset when the sun shifts from orange to pink to a pomegranate red. But on windy (or super hot) desert days, my muse and I head indoors.
The Red-Room is a warm cozy space and the perfect place for those hard writing days where distractions like a majestic coyote or adorable bunnies must be ignored.

This coyote actually walked right up to my window and stared at me!

This small den below is a sitting room off of my bedroom and the space I use most often. I love the light in here during the day and the views of the city at night. Don't let the desk fool you, I tend to write sitting in the leather chair ACROSS from the desk :)

In each space, I prop my feet up and set my computer on my lap and type away. My iPod is always nearby with a Writing/Reading play list. Some songs on there now? Canon in D, Air on G String, Hedwig’s Theme (Yes, I am a Potter fan), and many many others.
No photos allowed: other places I write that wouldn’t exactly shine in photos? My car (I wait for my kids a lot), my university office, volleyball games, grocery store parking lots, the side of the road (yes, I have been known to pull over when inspiration strikes), and the miraculous three A.M. wake up call. Must keep paper and pen near bed.

I love my spaces, but I never created them as intentional writing spaces as much as living spaces. Places I wanted to be, to enjoy, to live in the moment, to share with others. And for me, that makes the best writing space of all.