Save the Cat!


Recently I discovered a wonderful book for beginning screenwriters called Save the Cat! Shortly thereafter, when a friend of mine who is a fantastic nonfiction writer decided to try writing a novel, I came across this gem: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. If, like my friend, you're great with words but unsure of your skill in structure, this book is for you. I love that it takes the mystery out of plot structure and breaks it down so succinctly. After reading this book, my friend was more confident than ever that she could write the novel she'd been thinking about for a long time. 

Like most things, writing a novel is a lot less scary when you can break it down into clearly defined parts. It's so handy to have a guide that helps you do that.

Hoping all your plans succeed in the new year!

Ginger Rue's next book, Wonder Women of Science, is now available for pre-order. Co-authored with rocket scientist Tiera Fletcher, who is currently working with NASA on the Mars mission, the book profiles a dozen amazing women (besides Tiera!) who are blazing new trails in their respective STEM fields. 


  1. YES! I love me a good plotting book. I'm constantly reading different appraoches.


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