By Charlotte Bennardo

The theme is... planning. I don't know about anyone else, but after 2020, I'm afraid to plan anything. Any plan I've made: visiting my son in Los Angeles: cancelled. Summer pool and Fourth of July parties: cancelled. Weekly swimming at the YMCA: cancelled. Book festivals and conferences: cancelled.

Photo by from Pexels

Everything. Gone. 

While Zoom and FaceTime and sitting outside at least 6 feet apart has helped us stay somewhat connected, it's not the same. There are no hugs. There are no friendly chicken fights in the pool. There are no pictures with fans when you autograph your book for them. Readers and students aren't really interested in spending more time in front of a computer so they don't attend online 'visits'.

There is a video of NFL coach Jim Mora, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, who gave a funny reaction to a reporter's question about the Colts in the playoffs- when they were playing terribly and going to the playoffs was slowly slipping away. See his reaction:  Jim Mora - playoffs

That's exactly how I feel about making any plans. Are you (bleep bleep) kidding me? Even with the Covid-19 virus vaccine rolling out, by the time most of us can get it, it will be too late for most, if not all, public events. If I'm lucky, I may get to see my son around Thanksgiving of next year. So plans? No, I'm not making any. Especially in light of a new Covid-19 mutation. We could be stuck in this infection-vaccine-new infection, etc. loop for who knows how long. 

My Plan: 

1- Take all precautions to safeguard my health, those I love, and anyone I come into contact with.

2- Keep writing and submitting manuscripts. 

3- Stay as close as I can to people in my life by Zoom, etc.

4- Keep informed as to breakthroughs/setbacks in fighting this pandemic.

5- Exercise, eat right, and watch my health so once this is behind us, I can go anywhere and everywhere and once again spread my wings. 

6- Don't make any plans for the foreseeable future.

Honestly, I don't think I can do much more than that. 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and successful New Year.


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