Planning on...well... (Holly Schindler)

I've been a full-time writer since 2001. That sounds like it's been my only job, doesn't it? Truthfully, I've been a full-time writer AND a part-time piano and guitar teacher, an antiques picker, editor, etc. 

Still. The writing's been my primary focus. 

The thing about a writing career is that it's un-plannable. Doesn't matter what stage you're at in your career, either. Even with several books having been published, I have no idea what's going to happen to any of my WIPs. Maybe a publisher picks it up, maybe not. Even if I plan to indie publish, maybe people buy it, and maybe they don't. Even the book itself can take crazy detours from the original outline or plan I had in mind. 

The only thing I can really plan to do is just show up. Every day. Show up and draft. Or revise. Or work on a new cover. Or whip up some new ads. 

Just show up. 

And the thing is, I feel better when I do. It's a big part of the reason I rarely take a day off. I feel like, no matter what's happened--I get a rejection letter, or an ad campaign or a special doesn't perform like I'd hoped--I've got something else to show for that day. Something other than a disappointment. 

I've been applying the whole just-show-up idea to pretty much life in general these past few months. I show up--to cook, to repair whatever's fallen apart in the house, to take care of my dog, to meal plan, to shop, etc., etc., etc. No day's ever a 100% success. But I guarantee something in there worked out. Maybe the bread didn't quite come out like I'd wanted, but I bet the cake's pretty good. And I guarantee, even in the midst of things not working out like I'd hoped, I learned a bunch. 

That's all I can do--just plan to show up, no matter what happened the day before.