Writing Pitfalls:Negativity and Other Demons, by Darlene Beck Jacobson

For me, many of the so called writing pitfalls begin like that childhood game of telephone. A whispered word or phrase that gets repeated over and over again until it becomes so distorted, it is unrecognizable.  Instead of a brief visit, these demons can wedge themselves into the psyche and derail our attempts at creativity and writing.
Here's my demon list:       

Envy                           Even foul weather can make us feel these things.

I'm sure you can add a few of your own.   Instead, let's try this:
Write each word on a scrap of paper.  Then tear it up and release it so it no longer holds power.

There's one quote that has always resonated with me - We cannot control the actions of others, only our response to those actions.

We CAN control those negative derailing thoughts by turning that telephone message into something positive that fuels our writing.


  1. I think sometimes we dwell so much on what someone said or did and how we wish it had gone differently--love the idea that we can't control the actions of others--just our response!


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