What's Stopping Me (from Jody Feldman)

In 4 days, the Ides of March will be upon us. If that's supposed to make me quake, it doesn't and never did; not for writing, not for anything else. As a kid, though, it made me wonder exactly what I was missing, exactly what bad thing should have happened to me on that particular day.

Now though, with full certainty, I can say the Writing Ides, those traps and pitfalls, occur on any given day. And I've learned to go with it all.

Below, in no particular order, are the Top Ten things that have kept me from being productive in just the past three days:

The fault, at least 80% of it, is entirely mine. And yet, my word count magically increases ... though nearly not as much as I'd like. What's stopping you?


  1. Great photos...many of my own roadblocks in these pictures...

  2. I love your visual reminder of these many distractions. Smiling and agreeing.

    1. So many of these are universal, I've decided. It may not be the *exact* distraction, but it will always remind you of a good one.

  3. Replies
    1. The thing I need to keep remembering is that they always come and I always get past them. Thanks!

  4. I would add the Sudoku app on my Ipad. Great reminder that most of what stops me is . . . me.


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