Party Like Never Before!

For years leading up to the publication of my first book, THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON, I had dreams of the fabulous launch party I was going to have. These dreams were put together in my head from start to finish: who I’d invite, how I’d thank everyone for putting up with my crazy as I worked on the book, the awesome food I’d have and even the champagne toast. Oh, my outfit was going to be rocking, too! This party was going to be THE BEST.

But …

When the book finally came out, I was exhausted and pretty much just wanted to hibernate for a good long while and this meant no launch party. Looking back now, I realize this quiet ‘birth’ basically implied that my book wasn’t special. How sad! Of course publishing a book is special. My blood, sweat (literally) and tears (also literally) went into writing it. This book is loosely based on a childhood experience and had waited patiently in my heart for many, many years. I wrote it in order to give something to someone I was not brave enough to give as a child. It absolutely deserved a party, but instead of beating myself up about it, I have to trust that that was what I had to do at the time.

When my second book, SAVING BABY DOE, came out a couple of years later, I celebrated the heck out of it, party and all. And just in case you’re thinking about skipping a launch party for your book, please take my advice and don’t!

I’m getting a second chance to make things right with THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON, though. It’s coming out in paperback on May 5th, complete with a beautiful new cover. It’s not that I don’t love the original, because I totally do. The young girl on the cover makes the perfect Dellie and my heart melted at first sight of her. It’s just, you know, a new cover is super exciting, and, this time around, there will be no hibernating. In fact, I just might shout from the rooftops.


  1. Gorgeous new cover, Danette! Definitely celebrate!

  2. I love the reminder to celebrate the birth of every book child. What a miracle it is when a new book comes into the world. Congratulations, then and now.

  3. Thank you, Holly! I am so in love with it!


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