Holly Schindler Interviews Deborah Lytton about SILENCE

I am really excited to share with you the release of my new YA novel, SILENCE. And my interview with Holly Schindler about the book.

Holly: Congrats on your latest release! Tell us all about SILENCE.
Deborah: SILENCE is a story about a 15 year old girl who suffers a tragic accident and the teen boy who is the only person she can understand. He promises her 17 days in which he will show her the world in a different way. 

Holly: Will readers of JANE IN BLOOM be surprised by SILENCE? Why / why not?
Deborah: I think readers of JANE IN BLOOM will recognize similar themes of grief and hope as well as self-discovery through creative expression. I also think that readers who connected with Jane will relate to Stella and her honest emotions. 

Holly: What was the inspiration behind this book?
Deborah: I wanted to write a story about a girl who loses her identity and then take her on a journey of rediscovery with the help of a boy who is also searching to find his place in the world. Stella and Hayden’s story grew from there.

Holly: How did this book find its publisher? We always talk about the first "yes," but I often find that subsequent books can be just as hard to place. Did you find that to be true?
Deborah: I think the biggest obstacle to placing a second book is the writer. There is more freedom when we have no expectations. But when we have the pressure of placing our follow up book, it can become limiting. I found myself in that position and what made the difference for me was trusting myself. I needed to write the book that was in my heart just like I wrote JANE IN BLOOM, not knowing if anyone would ever publish it, but just wanting to tell the story. After I finished the manuscript, my agent sent it out and SILENCE found a home with Shadow Mountain. I think you have to work just as hard to get your second book published as your first.

Holly: Tell our readers why they need this book--not why they should want it. Why they need it.
Deborah: Readers need this book because it will remind them to hope. And to believe in possibilities.

Thank you so much, Holly, for interviewing me! For more information about SILENCE, visit my website, www.deborahlytton.com.


  1. I can't wait to read SILENCE! I just ordered it from my Indy!


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