Taking the Leap September Theme (Jen Cervantes)

So I know I’ve told you all about jumping into YA head first (and yes, it took a leap of faith too). That was a little over a year ago. On September 3, I sent the completed YA manuscript to my agent. There were times I didn’t think I’d finish. 
There were times I had no idea where the characters or the story were going. 
There were times I wanted to give up and start something new (because that’s so much more fun than the muddled middle). 
But this story, these characters grabbed me and didn’t let go. I admit I haven’t done any writing since I sent off the ms. But I’ve done lots of thinking, and mulling over new ideas.  Nothing has quite stuck yet. I think it’s because my heart is still buried in NORTH (tentative title). But this is the best part of the process for me—the part where I get to dream and imagine, knowing when inspiration strikes, I'll take the leap again.  


  1. Jen, I want to read your NORTH! Congratulations on following your heart into YA. xo

  2. CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE YA! Can't wait to read it...


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