Monthly Theme: Jumping Back in to Querying

Stephanie J. Blake

I started writing in 2006. THE MARBLE QUEEN sold in June 2010. The book came out in December 2012. I was unagented and had practically given up on it ever happening for me. I put all of my hopes and dreams on that one manuscript and it was hard work bringing it into the world. I've worked hard this year on promotion. It's been quite the ride!

I made so many mistakes that first time around. I was impatient. I was na├»ve and stubborn. Perhaps, I wasn't ready to make writing a priority.

For two years I've been working on something new. I am finally ready to find an agent. My query letter is polished. I'm making a list (and checking it twice). I've sent out a couple of queries.

Here's the pitch.

Meet Violet Betterton, an eleven-year old tomboy whose predictable life changes drastically after her father marries a not-so-wicked step-mother, and when a strange girl shows up and claims she’s an imaginary friend.

Jumping back in is scary. It feels like I'm starting from scratch in so many ways.

It's a good thing September is my favorite month! It's the perfect time to start over.


  1. I LOVE your query, Steph. I'm already hooked. And I agree--September always feels like a brand new year. Happy New Year! Got my fingers crossed for you.


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