It's All About the Magic: Why I Write Middle-Grade Fiction

I have read all the wonderful posts by fellow Smack Dab in the Middle authors about why they write middle-grade fiction and wondered what I might add that hadn't already been said so well. So here I offer the simplest of reasons as to why I write for this age group.

When I was in the third grade I found myself searching the shelves of my school library--it was hard to find a book I hadn't already read. This is where I discovered new places, adventures, stories, and new worlds that allowed me to dream, to hope, to imagine. This place of discovery and imagination is why I write middle-grade fiction. It reflects such a wondrous time of possibilities, a time when we still believe in magic.

And that, to me, is what story is all about!


  1. Yes! MAGIC. That's it exactly. Good to see you here, Jen! xo

  2. Thanks, Irene! Glad to be here :)

  3. How true! And all too often it feels like we lose that sense of magic as we leave childhood behind. Which is why writing for kids is such a blessing…it allows us to hold onto that time when dreaming, hoping, and imagining was never farther away than the next book. Thanks for the post, Jen!

  4. I can relate! I remember feeling that way in fourth grade. The poor school librarian, I think she cringed every time she saw me coming to ask for a new book--there were none to be had!

    Thanks for sharing, Jen!


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