What puts a spring in my step?

I've been visiting more bookstores lately. There is truly nothing that puts more spring in my step than a room full of books. Bookstores, libraries, classrooms full of books--just surround me with shelves and shelves of stories, and my heart is full. What's especially exciting these last few months is that sometimes, there's a book on the shelf that I wrote. There is nothing that makes my steps springier than running with my 6-year-old through a bookstore to find Mommy's book. And even better if the bookstore clerk offers to photo the moment.

Authors know this is often a short-lived time in the life of a book. Shelf space is limited, and most books get a precious few months to exist on a bookstore shelf. Those months shortly after a book's release are an exciting time for an author.

Authors get a little longer on a library shelf. I moved houses recently, so I was thrilled to find BIRDIE'S BILLIONS on my new local library's shelf. I felt like I was being welcomed to the neighborhood.

If I'm feeling stuck writing-wise or down in the dumps, a library or a bookstore can always cheer me up. There's a great indie bookstore in NC called McIntyre's. I lived near this bookstore during my husband's cancer treatment. The good folks at McIntyre's have no idea how they saved me during this time. I'd walk into the store feeling lower than low and leave feeling like I could face another day.

Rooms full of books are pure magic. Don't you agree?

Edith Cohn is the author of middle grade mysteries BIRDIE'S BILLIONS and SPIRIT'S KEY. Learn more at http://edithcohn.com/


  1. Absolutely! Glad that your new library had your book!

  2. YES! Rooms of books remind you why you wanted to put pen to paper in the first place.


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