Things That Put a Spring in My Step (Holly Schindler)

The sight of my dog running to meet one of his dog friends.

Watching a garden grow and being able to literally devour the fruits of my labors. 

Getting up early enough to watch the sunrise.

Hot fudge sundaes.

New sandals. 

Nail polish.

Neighbors who stop to say hello.


Laughter of the neighbors' kids.

Giant Ozarks clouds. 


Antique treasures.

The smell of fresh paint. 

The sounds of vintage pianos.

Getting my skin pummeled by the wind through the rolled-down windows in the car.

Sun on my face.

Stars to wish on. 


Holly Schindler is an author of books for readers of all ages. Her MG, The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky, is available now--with a corresponding activity book.


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