Who, Exactly, Has the Quick Wit?

by Jody Feldman

Considering the type of books I’ve written – 4 published with puzzles and a thriller coming out in August – my main characters need the smarts, the skills, the creativity, and the constitution to succeed in whatever I throw at them.

These characters may not be so quick witted from the start, but beyond chapter one, their positive qualities build and build until some point in the story, they say the right words and think the right thoughts and do all – or most – of the right things to bring about workable solutions and satisfying conclusions. 

If only life were like that. If only, more often than not, I were smart enough to figure out the perfect answers in life. Sharp enough to see the details to untangle any messy web. Glib enough to utter a comeback that would send my antagonists whimpering.
If only I were that quick witted.

On the other hand, somewhere deep inside, I must be at least partly witted. Otherwise, I probably couldn’t write what I do.

Jody Feldman, author of the middle-grade books The Gollywhopper Games series and The Sevent Level (middle grade) somehow figured out how to get her main character out of trouble in her forthcoming YA thriller No Way Home (Sourcebooks; August 2, 2022). She’s still not sure how that happened.


  1. I'm always so jealous of quick comebacks in movies and books...even now, knowing a writer had all the time in the world to think them up. :)


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