The Gift of Reading: A New MG Book For the Holidays by Darlene Beck Jacobson.

Today, for your reading pleasure, I offer a gift that would be perfect for a middle-school-er on your holiday list. Take a look at BEAUTY AND BERNICE by Nancy Viau.

A fearless skateboarder
A quirky princess
Two very different girls…
And the summer that was almost a fairy tale

 “I loved Beauty and Bernice SOOOO much! The book is about a girl called Bernice who loves skateboarding. Her life is going great until annoying pink 'princess' Odelia moves in across the road. At first, Bernice pays no attention to her - she grew out of princesses years ago. But there's more to Odelia than meets the eye... I loved this book because I, like Bernice, love skateboarding. I found this book hilarious in some parts, but moving and gripping in others. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves skateboarding, princesses and mysteries that leave you on the edge of your seat. I rate this book a definite five stars.”
 ~ 10-Year-Old Goodreads Reviewer

"Readers will enjoy their charming adventure from the skate park to Smile Academy, a summer camp for kids with Down syndrome. A sweet tale with wisdom and heart." ~ Literary SoirĂ©e 

Here's a link to the awesome trailer:

Twelve-year-old skateboarder Bernice Baransky is comfortable with her skater grunge look—a look she’s had since she traded in her childhood princess dress-up outfits for a skateboard. Bernice is the only girl at Porchtown Skate Park who can pop an ollie, ride the rails, and grind the slabs. She’d love to impress Wyatt Anderson, a skater who calls her Dude, but that would require actually talking to him, and Bernice can’t seem to do more than mumble when he’s around.
Bernice wonders if she should accept help from a new neighbor, the proper and stuffy Odelia, who is desperate to befriend her. Odelia acts like a fairy-tale princess, and insists on referring to her fancy notes in ODELIA’S GUIDE TO THE SOCIAL GRACES. Odelia spouts off ridiculous and hilarious lessons on poise, posture, manners, and more—even what to do about embarrassing “oopsies” liked spilled soda, burps, and unexpected gas—and Bernice reluctantly realizes that Odelia knows what she’s talking about. But Bernice can’t be seen hanging out with a princess at the skate park, the summer camp where she volunteers, or anywhere around town because that is just not cool. She’ll accept Odelia’s help, but Odelia better ditch the gowns and tiaras, or people will talk.
Nancy Viau’s exciting middle grade takes readers on a thrill ride from the skate park’s half-pipe to Smile Academy, a summer camp for Down syndrome children. A novel full of adventure and heart, it asks the question: Can two very different people ever be friends? 
The book is not just about skaters and princesses.
The book is not really a fairy tale although there are some sneaky references that savvy readers will pick up on.
The book is jammed packed with skateboarding moves--all thoroughly researched.
The book features Down syndrome children, and so few do. Am I right? I wanted to highlight these very capable, delightful, "Made of Awesome" kids. It's become a favorite part to teachers and educators of special needs children.


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