Gifts I'd Give to Readers

"I wish I had time to read.” “I shouldn’t read romance.” “These are kids’ books.” A part of me always feels sad when I hear these thoughts from readers, whether it’s at the library, a book event or from a friend. Time to read is certainly an issue, we are all so busy in today’s world. Reading is a passion, however, and one that shouldn’t be denied, not for anything. It’s self-care, really, a true way of connecting with ourselves and the world. Even if we only read 10 minutes a day, that is a gift I wish I could give every reader who wishes they had more time to sit or stand with a book. Picking on genres is one of my pet peeves. Especially romance writers. Love makes the world turn – in every form. Whether it’s romantic love, love for our children, our family or our pets or even the environment. The very atmosphere that surrounds us. No one should feel guilty for reading what they love. Whether that’s a paperback romance, or a Tolstoy novel, or non-fiction or a science book. That is another gift I’d like to give readers, the joy in choosing whatever it is we love to read the words of. Kids’ books are meant for kids. For teenagers or children. Certainly this is true, and needed. But it doesn’t mean they are only for kids. Children’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult: These are all points of view. Not a reading level, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of for picking up. And my final gift I’d give readers this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays! Happy Reading!


  1. I joined a book club when I moved closer to our family. This is the third book club I have been a part of and what I enjoy the most is the varied genre interests of the club members.


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