The Generosity of MG Authors, by Michele Weber Hurwitz

I'm so glad I belong to this group, us middle grade authors. Because we are a generous, giving bunch. I don't know about other author worlds (I suspect picture book peeps fall into the same category) but in this world, we have each other's backs.

As we're reflecting this month on the blog about gifts and wishes, the first topic that came to mind was the generosity I see every day, without fail, in the middle grade author community.

Confession: my fourth title was released in November, and I admit, I sort of dropped the ball on promotion. Like many authors, that's not my favorite thing to do anyway, but I've been hibernating these last few months -- hard at work on a revision for book #5, to be released in 2020 -- and I kept putting off my promotion duties.

But never fear, the community had my back. Bloggers reached out, some who'd not known my work previously, like Deborah Kalb, who regularly spotlights best-selling and little-known authors on her fabulous blog. She's an author herself, but posts Q&As with authors in every genre, both for adults and kids. This year, she had close to 800 posts, helping authors get the word out about their books.

Kate Messner is another author who always goes out of her way to help fellow writers. On her website, she maintains a list of authors who are available for school Skypes on World Read Aloud Day (February 1, 2019) so if you aren't included, send Kate an email.

And on MG Book Village, a hub to share and connect on all things middle grade, the organizers keep a list of MG book release dates and regularly Tweet the authors on their book birthdays.

My Indie bookstore, The Book Stall in Winnetka, IL, reached out too, and asked me to come in and sign stock. I've been thrilled to hear that Indies are making a comeback, and people have been returning to their neighborhood bookstores.

Think about how many authors Tweet and post pics on Instagram of books they're reading and recommend. All this is how to get the word out about books -- by championing each other.

I vow to do more of that in 2019. That's both my wish and my gift -- that we continue to support and cheer for each other in little ways, big ways, and always.

Happy holidays to our Smack Dab readers!

Michele Weber Hurwitz is the author of Ethan Marcus Makes His Mark, Ethan Marcus Stands Up, The Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days, and Calli Be Gold. Find her at


  1. Great post! I also prefer hibernating to promoting!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the blogs I need to be reading - and reminding me of the importance of giving those heartfelt shout-outs to the successes of my fellow MG authors.

  3. Great links and GREAT story. You're absolutely right about the MG community.


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