Writing Breaks - The Pauses That Refresh. by Darlene Beck Jacobson

Many of us have more than one writing project going on during any time in our lives. There's always editing, revising, and writing to be done.  So taking a writing break provides a much needed respite.    
   A time to refresh and recharge.
It is also a time for possible reflection.  It is during these non-writing breaks that I often discover some of the best inspiration for writing.
    While taking a walk in a local park or through my neighborhood, I've discovered character traits, unique character names, bits of dialogue, better word choices, and even plot elements.  I outlined an entire picture book.  No, these things weren't painted on the sidewalk or hidden behind a tree.
    Rather, they popped up to the surface of my brain once I'd given myself permission to stop writing and take a break.  While our minds are engaged in physical tasks separate from writing, we often find some of the best ideas spring forth.
    Breaks are necessary and may even be one of the best ways to find inspiration. Enjoy your breaks...no matter where they take you.  


  1. yes! It's a writer's responsibility to go out and live a life worth writing about! Thanks for the reminder, Darlene.

  2. I work so many manuscript issues out while mowing the lawn...


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