Smack Dab in the Classroom by author Dia Calhoun: Back to School

The first day of school I'd wait for the inevitable first assignment: Write a book report on a book (likely from an authorized list) that you read over the summer. Fine. But every single year?

Here are a few alternatives to liven up the assignment:
  1. Imagine the most wonderful book you can (not a real book).A book with just the kind of hero, problem, and setting that you like best. Write a book report about that book.
  2. Have you ever read a book that seemed perfect until you got to the end? Then snapped it shut in outrage because it has the wrong ending? Rewrite the ending to your liking AND explain why you prefer it.
  3. Take the hero or heroine of a book you love and add yourself to the story. Write one chapter.
  4. If you were moving to Mars and could only take one book, which one would you take and why?
So foster some creativity and imagination with this year's inevitable first assignment. Who knows where it may lead?


  1. Oooh. Love the idea of adding yourself to a story.

  2. Ah, yes, the dreaded summer book report. Hmm, tough call for number 4. I'd have to go with the collected works of Poe, or The Wizard of Oz books bound in one volume.


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