Duct Tape, Chocolate, and Walter White By Ann Haywood Leal


Write two words. 

Get distracted by something shiny.

Two more words.

Cross them out.

Write three more.
Sneak peek out the window.

Stop.  Sniff the air.  Is that charcoal with a hint of cheeseburger?

Lean closer to the window. 

Shut the window and duct tape yourself to your chair.

Five more words.

Cross out three.

Write eight more.

Is that a sentence you see?

Give the sentence a friend or two. 

Don’t stop now.
You have a page.

The window has darkened.  The charcoal is gray.

But you’ve done the work.

Now celebrate.

Unpeel the duct tape.

Eat some 


See what Walter White is up to.


Wake up and repeat.


  1. Love this...and the photo! Thanks for making my writing day fun today Anne! Everything goes better with chocolate.

  2. So true! Love the chocolate...must have to get some right now:)

    1. I can't look at that melted chocolate picture any more, Debby--it makes me want to get in my car and go find some that looks exactly like that!


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