Happy release day to DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST And Other Poems from the Water Hole by Irene Latham!

Spend a day at the water hole on the African grasslands.

Welcome wildebeest
and beetle,
oxpecker and lion.
This water hole is yours.
It offers you oasis
beside its shrinking shores.

From dawn to nightfall, animals come and go at the water hole. Giraffes gulp, wildebeest graze, impalas leap, vultures squabble and elephants wallow. With warm, imaginative illustrations by Anna Wadham, lyrical poems are accompanied by facts to introduce readers to the wonders of the water hole.

"Latham's finely crafted verse, at once humorous and serious, dazzlingly opens the imagination to the wilds of the world."
- Kirkus Reviews / STARRED

"well-crafted poems...charming illustrations...a strong choice." - School Library Journal / STARRED

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