September Theme Post from Jody Feldman

Thoughts and Things from Then

Still vivid in my memory, there are balsa-wood airplanes and Sunday quarters and fall-apart brisket and fried chicken and lemon meringue pies and other trademarks of my grandparents. These are the things stories are made of. Bus excursions to mid-week movies, waffles from scratch, leather factory smells, hands calloused by the strings that used to bind newspapers into tight rolls.

We all have so many personal details burnt into our memories, but the times they come alive for us is when we can also recall the facial expressions, the tone of voice, the emotions behind them. And only then can we begin to make our readers feel what we did once upon a time.

How can one write a blog post on "Remembering" -- on September 11 -- without a heartfelt mention of those who lost friends and family and to those who showed unparalleled bravery and compassion. I can't even imagine your difficult memories. I wish you millions of beautiful ones to stand to their side or


  1. Yuuum, lemon! There are so many lemon desserts I would love to make, but as the only lover of lemon in the family, it's sort of a waste, boo. And I second your thoughts, especially the 'millions of beautiful ones'.

  2. What nice memories. Thanks for sharing.


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