2014 has been one of those non-stop years.  I released my first MG.  And my third YA.  So far, I've also written two and a half new books, and am in the midst of doing global rewrites on an MG.  I've done three blog tours and written articles to help spread word of my latest books and hosted about eleventy billion Skypes.  I've done Google+ book chats and engaged in near-daily direct contact with librarians and booksellers.  All of which I've loved.  But I'll confess, it's been an utter roller coaster.  Especially with FERAL, the YA that released last month.

...Have I learned more this year than I ever thought I would?  Yes.  Has 2014 been enlightening in a thousand different ways?  Yes.  Do I know more about myself as a writer than I did this time last year?  God, yes.  But the ups and downs of the past year are starting to exhaust me. 

Usually, September does feel like a fresh start, a new beginning.  Not this year.  Right now, I sort of have the same feeling I used to in May, when the school year was starting to come to a close.  That road weary feeling.

But I know myself well enough to also know that part of this feeling stems from the fact that I'm in the midst of finishing up.  I'm finishing up the last of my blog tours, finishing up a rewrite.  When I get this rewrite done, I'll take a deep breath, and I'll look toward the next project in line: a project I've wanted to get out into the world for a decade.  And I'll get a second wind.  And that September new-beginning feel will finally hit me.

Because it will be--it'll be a brand-new beginning.


  1. Good grief, our lives are weird parallels, Holly. 2014 has been an insane year with so much drafting/revising on several projects, 2 book launches and quadruple the travel I've ever done before. And there's still 3 HUGE months left! LOL!

    I've been completely BUMMED to miss your Skype visit at Bookworks, too, but tomorrow's deadline is kicking me to the curb. I'm not going to make it and am begging for more time. :-( (Someday I would love to get more than 3-4 weeks for a major revision on a project of 100,000+ words!)

    Congratulations on all your releases and successes! Hang in there, and I admire all your hard work.

    Here's to a future meet-up!

    1. I feel you on the tight deadline for major revision, Kimberley. And the Skype visit was postponed, so you may be able to come "see" me yet...


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