Summer (Reading) in the City by Danette Vigilante

When I heard this month's theme was going to be summer reading, two things popped into my head. The first was the time I got the worst sunburn of my life while on a beach (my favorite reading spot) in Puerto Rico. I was so engrossed in Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth that I completely forgot to apply sunscreen. Holey Smoley! Can you say painful?

The second thing was the popular song, "Summer in the City." The Lovin' Spoonful recorded it in 1966 at a time when I was barely coherent, since I was just three years old. Rolling Stone lists "Summer in the City" at number 401 on their list of the top 500 greatest songs of all time.

With this song in mind, my plan for this post was not to write something about summer reading, but to video a parody of "Summer in the City." Now don't go getting crazy ideas about how I can actually sing, because I most definitely cannot. Although, if I could, I'd sing everywhere. While shoe shopping: "Dooo you have these in a size seven and a halfff?" Ordering a pizza: "One large pepperoniii pieee, pleaseee."

Since I have concern for the health of your ears, here are some of the words I would have sung to the tune of “Summer in the City” (click to hear original song).

Cool books, summer in the city

Reading all day makes me happy and giddy

Wont leave town, so I'll stay with my kitty (hey, whaddaya want? At least they rhyme and I do have a cat)

Hanging out on a bench in the city

Everyone in town looking for a good read

Reading to myself while the sun warms my head

When the lights go out, gotta read in bed

So I go and find a light

Let's read, let's read, let's read all night

Even in the heat, it'll be all right

Cool books, in the summer, in the city

In the summer, in the city

Happy summer reading and don't forget the sunscreen!


  1. Thanks, Holly! Since writing this I cannot get the song out of my head!

  2. Nor can I...I is one of my favorite summer songs. Well done, Danette!

  3. Oh, I adore this! And especially (cat person myself) the rhyme of city and kitty! Now I have a plan for my summer. :)

  4. Love love love! And I think this post REALLY needs a video.... :D

  5. Haha! A video would have been so much fun! Mrs. Pilkington (Gbemi!), you're going to be in one with me one of these days. cmills, glad I could assist in your summer plan! :)


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