Ahhhh!  What's better than a shade tree and a book?  Like the rest of the Smack Dabbers, I spent my childhood summers devouring one novel after another.  My summers smelled like the library, more than they smelled like playgrounds.

I've been working hard lately at carving out time to enjoy stories in all forms: movies, TV, books, etc.  This summer, I'm also going to be working hard at combining the smell of library books with the smell of the grass beneath my favorite shade tree:

What's life if you can't enjoy it every now and again?  And isn't that what summer reading is all about?  Pure, unadulterated pleasure?


  1. The smell of library books in the summer is one of the very best smells....

  2. Love the picture. My summer starts late this year since my deadline is Aug. 1. I'm afraid I will not see sunlight until then. But I'm thinking I should collect some lovely pictures and collage them. That should get me over the hump :)


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