Summer Books by Deborah Lytton: May Theme

To me, summer = reading.  As a mother of a fourth (almost fifth) grader and a seventh (almost eighth) grader, I can tell you summer reading = freedom.  During the school year, both my girls have required reading for school.  Not only do they have to take tests and/or write book reports after completing their independent reading books but they also read books for class.  Knowing that they have to write a report or take a test on a book which must be finished by a deadline definitely affects the choices both girls make when selecting a book to read.  But during the summer, there are no requirements--reading becomes fun again.  And that makes choosing books so much more exciting.  When I was a girl, my favorite summer reading was anything Nancy Drew.  I loved completing an entire book during one sitting and then I would beg my mother to take me to the store for the next mystery in the series.  I can still remember the shelf at the store with the yellow covers lined up all in a row and the joy I felt riding home holding a new adventure in my hands.  What books did you love when you were young?  And if you have children, what will they be reading this summer? My almost eighth grader has been counting down the days for the third book in The Selection series so I know she will be reading and re-reading The One all summer long.  My 9 year old has been assembling this reading stack for summer.  Have you read any of these books?  

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Debra,
    You really brought back memories of my childhood reading Nancy Drew. I had all the volumes and, like you, couldn't wait to read the next one in line. Summer reading is the best time to escape. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. My youngest will be entering eighth grade next year. I want to encourage him to read, but he tends to start a book and not finish it. They started reading The Giver in school recently, and he has been loving it! He also mentioned that it is "not long," so I think I will keep my eye out for MG and YA adventure/fantasy stories on the shorter side as something for him to enjoy over the summer. Maybe he'll be willing to read the companion books to The Giver! Or maybe he'll enjoy one of my favorite childhood reads, A Walk in Wolf Woods.

    Happy Summer! It's only a few short weeks away!

  3. Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie were my go to Summer reading. I know what you mean about my child's reading pretty much being picked out for them. We do a Battle of the Books list of 20 books for the school year, plus reading a book each week for their spelling and vocabulary. Luckily I don't have a reluctant reader and we can usually find something. Fabelhaven and The False Prince were two big hits.

  4. As a teacher, writer, and reader, I find it disconcerting that 'test scores' has overtaken 'love of reading' as the purpose of book selection! I'm glad your kids have the summer to explore the joy of reading without the burden of testing!

  5. I remember that row of yellow, too! :)


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