Some Great Books for Summer Reading

Since we're "gearing up for summer reading", I thought I'd recommend some books I've read recently that I really enjoyed.  They're perfect for summer and would be great for anyone who loves MG fiction.

SAVVY by Ingrid Law follows the adventures of Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont who is about to turn 13.  It’s the magical birthday in the Beaumont family when a family member’s Savvy first shows itself.  Will Mibs’ savvy be as fierce as her brother Rocket’s – who creates electricity?  Or like her brother Fish’s who produces hurricanes?  And, will her Savvy be enough to save her Poppa who lies in the hospital in a coma?  This is a delightful tale of family, friendship and love, and a ride on a pink bus that changes everything.

DOLL BONES by Holly Black follows the exploits of Poppy, Zac, and Alice who go on a modern day quest to bring the ghost of Eleanor – housed inside a china doll called Queen – to rest. This ghostly tale is also one of friendship, growing up, and having the courage to risk everything.

HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL by Robin Herrera is another winner. Star Mackie’s voice rings unique and true in a tale of friendship, love, acceptance, and letting your own star shine, no matter what. Using Emily Dickenson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers”, Star and her Poetry Club friends find their own versions of hope.

The Newbery Honor and National Book Award winner INSIDE OUT AND BACK AGAIN by Thanhha Lai, uses poetic form the tell the story of a young Vietnamese girl Ha’ and her family. They are forced to leave their beloved Saigon when it falls during the war in 1975.  They board a ship to the US where Ha’ must find her place in a strange and foreign land called Alabama. Beautifully written, heartfelt and tender, it’s an unforgettable story about the people war leaves behind. 
I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful books as much as I did.  


  1. These are such great choices. Have read them all except HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL and am really looking forward to that one I must say! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Hope is a Ferris Wheel, love love loved it too.

  3. Great list, Darlene! Hope is a Ferris Wheel is on my summer reading list, too.

  4. I adore the title HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL.

  5. I also just read HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL and loved the voice and the use of the Emily Dickinson poem so effectively. SAVVY is a favorite, too, and the sequel SCUMBLE is on my bedside read-one-of-these-days piles.


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