The in Between Spaces Jen Cervantes

I celebrate my birthday on the 30th of December. It makes New Years even more meaningful and I mark another year of blessed breath and look to a new year of surprises, joy, laughter, to do lists, challenges (another ms?) and all the things that make us human. I think because these two coincide I am challenged with looking back on the year and my life at the same time I am looking ahead.  What did I learn (reflect) and what will tomorrow hold (anticipation). Somehow I realize there is no “now” moment in between these two spaces and so my new beginning today (in this breath) is to celebrate this exact moment—I want to live my life the way I read a book or write a manuscript, absorbed in the characters, the plot, the words, style, tone, periods….you get the picture. Because in the end, here and now is all we really have.

Hawking says

there are little folds in time

(actually he calls them wormholes)

but I say:

there’s a universe beyond

where they’re hammering the brass cut-outs .. .

Push us out in the boat and leave time here—

(because: where in the plan was it written,

You’ll be too busy to close parentheses,

the snapdragon’s bunchy mouth needs water,

even the caterpillar will hurry past you?   (Brenda Hillman)


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