Beginnings (January Theme) by Bob Krech

Beginnings are a great place to look for a story. Think about it. New in town. First time on a team. New school. First love. Exploring a new place (cave, forest, house, castle) New friend. New phase in life (teenager, young adult, first grade). First dance, play, speech, fight. New baby in the family. New house. New job. First job. New mom. New teacher. All are encounters with a beginning of a sort. and I think all of them have great story possibilities for kids. And why is that?

There's something about beginnings. There's excitement about something new. Just because it's new and fresh and different. There's an element of danger. Things could go wrong. There's risk in a beginning. Risk of the unknown, but  also the enticement of the pleasures of the unknown. Because things could go wonderfully well. Either way, there could be quite a bit of tension.

Beginnings are rarely boring. Because you've never done it before. They might be terrifying at times, but they're not usually boring. Maybe that's why it's a good place to look for a story. You know you won't be bored. And most probably, neither will your audience.


  1. So true! I think that's why Love Puppies is so popular-- new country. Doesn't get better than that!

  2. I love what you say about beginnings having an element of danger.

  3. Yes, what Holly said, and the element of excitement.


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