No Reason Why Not (No-vember Theme) by Bob Krech

I used to have a friend in high school named Peter. Whenever I was with Peter and someone would suggest we do something that would inevitably get us in trouble or injured or a similar result, Peter would smile, shrug, and reply, "No reason why not."
I loved that phrase and the spirit it encapsulated. I liked it so much I made it the trademark catch phrase for the character of Margaret in my book Love Puppies and Corner Kicks. I have to remind myself to use it myself because I tend to go in the opposite direction and can usually come up with a couple of dozen good reasons "why not" when a suggestion is made or a situation presents itself.

With writing, and the business of writing, "No reason why not" has come in handy. Recently I was offered an opportunity to work with teachers for two days at a local school district. I immediately thought of how I was not really qualified to present on the topics they wanted and how long the sessions were and how I would need a ton of preparation and then I put the brakes on and visualized a more positive experience. They had asked me so they must of thought I could do it. I had time to prepare. I could ask them to shorten the sessions. No reason why not, right? So I did and they did. I was on a "No reason why not" roll so when it came to the fee, I asked for more than I had in the past because I tend to underprice.  And they didn't blink. They just sent the purchase order. It was very cool.

It's happened often enough in my writing too. I have a habit of thinking that I need a solid hour or two to write anything. When I see twenty minutes or half an hour in front of me free, I don't often immediately think of getting some writing done, but when I use the "No reason why not" approach, and sit down for those twenty minutes, often enough, I can get something on the page. It's true for topics too of course. I had an idea for a book recently where I knew nothing about the subject, but it intrigued me. I immediately thought of how I knew nothing about it and could never write in that genre because I had no experience there, blah, blah, etc, etc,  till I went to "NRWN" and just started writing it anyway. editor says he loves the idea and so we're off. No reason why not, right?


  1. Excellent slogan! It makes an instant attitude adjustment.

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    1. I used to design and sell t-shirts and I never thought of that! Thanks for the comments.

  3. Thanks for the new mantra, Bob. I third the T-shirt idea. :)

  4. Thanks for the new mantra, Bob. I third the T-shirt idea. :)

  5. Thanks for the new mantra, Bob. I third the T-shirt idea. :)


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