Know yourself; know your characters
Never base your worth as a writer on whether you publish or not
Obstacles that are most challenging are those we create for ourselves
Write for yourself instead of the markets
Villains mirroring protagonists’ internal conflicts make strong antagonists
Establish character, setting, voice, genre and conflict as early as possible
Make every word on every page count
BUTT in chair is the only cure for the mythical writer’s block
Enjoy the process; eating chocolate helps
Revise, revise, revise: it’s where the best writing happens

(For a month of ways to stay focused on writing by saying NO during busy KNOW-vember, check out my June 10, 2013 post!)


  1. Love it, Marcia, and there's a lot of food for thought here. Especially pondering "V" . . .

  2. Marcia, We must have been inspired by the same muse this month. Wait until you see my post on Tuesday. Thanks for great words of writing wisdom.


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