More than once during the Q & A portion of a school visit, a student has asked, "What's your favorite word?"

My answer:

YES is a door opening, all mystery and wonder.

YES is being alive to possibility.

YES will take you far in this writing business:

When an agent says she needs a proposal right away to turn your stand-alone to a series: YES

When an editor says she needs the revisions in two weeks instead of the six you were planning: YES

When a library wants to book your program, but doesn't have the funding: YES

When a striving writer asks you to read his first draft, and you don't really have time, but you remember being a striving writer...heck, you still ARE a striving writer: YES

When a reader/blogger/teacher/fan requests an interview, after you've already done so many that you are sick of yourself: YES

And YES, one does need to know when to say NO. But don't put your creativity in a cage. You may accomplish your word count, but imagine what you might be missing...

Life is the art of saying YES.

I urge you: be open to YES!


  1. I agree Irene...Yes is one of my favorite words. Right up there with "the check is in the mail".
    Thanks for a "positive" take on NOvember. :>)

  2. "Life is the art of saying YES." Love that.

    1. Words to live by! Kind of like improv theater. :)

  3. Irene- I am saying yes today! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  4. I love how our No-vember is turning into Yes-vember! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! (To quote Molly Bloom!)


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