March Theme: Lucky Me!

by Stephanie J. Blake

I've never won anything, but, I'm the luckiest girl on my cul-de-sac because I live with my biggest fan! About six years ago, I decided I was going to be a real writer. My husband was all for it. We moved the two little ones into one bedroom, and I created an office for myself.

Every day, I send my boys off to the bus and I'm free to write (or go fishing, or clean house, or sneak off to a movie, depending on my muse) for the next eight hours. Sometimes I can't write for days or weeks, and then when an idea hits, I can't even stop to do laundry or make sure we have milk.

He's never complained about my spending...oodles of money on NY and LA writers conferences, fancy laptops, research books, postage, printer cartridges, and enough paper to kill a small forest!

He knows that I'm working even when I'm staring off into space. My husband will order a pizza and take the boys to the park if I have that glazed over look. You know the one...all caught up in your character's world.

He knows that when I'm awake at three a.m. I've had "a stephanie" (an epiphany). He puts up with it when I'm scribbling by the light of the alarm clock or sitting at my laptop in the middle of the night.

He knows that I need a date night when I feel yucky about a rejection.

He knows that I'll cry and rant for three days when I get a new set of revision notes from my agent or editor. When I say I can't do it, he knows that I'm almost there.

He's always asking me if I feel like writing. He understands that I can't schedule it, my creativity just happens.

Now that my first book is almost ready for release, he's becoming my own personal publicist. I think he knows my "elevator pitch" better than me! He'll probably hand sell a thousand copies of The Marble Queen from the trunk of his car.

Yep, I'm lucky.

By the way, I'm also lucky because I've been granted a lovely cover. I just got permission to share it this week. What do you think?


  1. Stephanie, thanks for reminding me of how lucky I am. I also live with my biggest fan. :)

    The Marble Queen looks great. Just read the blurb on your website, and it sounds like my kind of book.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Congrats on the cover, Steph! You must be thrilled!

  3. I love this! All of it, but especially: "when I say 'I can't do it', he knows that I'm almost there."

  4. I love this post :) Have you showed it to your hubby yet?

    And congrats on the cover too! Looking good!


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